What is worship?

Worship is a distinctive spiritual activity in which our energy and attention are directed towards God.  In worship we turn away from ourselves and express our yearning for and relationship to God the Father,  the mysterious source of all being and life, made known to us in and through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Worship is a form of prayer.  It may be formal or informal.  It is usually collective but can also be solitary.  It can involve words, songs, silence and bodily actions (such as kneeling or praying with outstretched hands).
It doesn’t just happen on Sundays but that still tends to be the main day when Christians gather together.worshipmusic

In Christian worship we are united with all the saints, who have gone before us but are still present in our worship, and with the angels of heaven but above all with God, in and through Jesus Christ.  This is why the highest expression of Christian worship is the mystery (or sacrament) known as the Eucharist (or Holy Communion).