pray1prayoneWhat is prayer?
How does it work?

There are many different ways of prayer and meditation within our Christian tradition.

Each has its own place and function.  These include:

  • Prayer with words or in deep silence..
  • Intercessory prayer – holding other people and situations before God.
  • Meditative reading of sacred texts and spiritual teachers.
  • Reciting or singing  set prayers from the tradition – a practice which help form our souls.
  • Spontaneous prayer, spoken or sung: the heart’s outpouring to God.

Fundamental is the recognition that in all forms of prayer something or someone moves us to pray.
Prayer is part of the life blood of faith.
It is the ladder that connects us to heaven.
Prayer becomes a way of being, a constant standing before God.

“Pray continually in the Spirit”

Would you like to learn more about the Christian way of prayer? We run occasional groups and courses exploring prayer.  Contact Rev’d Jim Barlow for more details.
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