We welcome children and adults for baptism, and we do everything we can to make your service as special as possible.

Members of this Church are here to welcome and support you at this important stage in your child’s life or in your own personal journey.


Some questions and answers:

Q What’s the difference between a Baptism and a Christening?

There are different words for the same thing. The word ‘baptism’ is perhaps more commonly used.

Q When do baptisms take place?

These special occasions take place on nominated Sundays during our 9.15 and 11 am services.

Q Is there a fee for a baptism?

Baptisms are free and there is no fee or charge. You will be given free of charge certificates for those being baptised and for Godparents. You will also be given free of charge a special candle to take home which will be lit during the service.

(If you should require an official copy of what is entered into the baptism register then there is a fee of £13 for this. This is a national fee not set locally by Holy Trinity Church. You can obtain a copy of this official copy on the actual baptism date or at any time following the baptism.)

Q We are not married. Can our child be baptised?

Yes, we are happy to baptise your child whatever your family structure.

All are welcome

Q I am single or divorced. Can my child be baptised?

Yes, we are happy to baptise your child whatever your family structure or circumstance.

All are welcome

Q How do we know what happens in the baptism service?

We meet with you for baptism preparation. You may meet with a member of clergy or join in with a group who are having baptism preparation.

Q Do I have to live near the church or in the parish in order for my baptism to take place?

We like to welcome everyone. You may live in the parish or have an association with the parish. If you have no association with Holy Trinity or the parish we can still make arrangements with you for the baptism.  Please contact us to find out more.

Q Do I have to have been coming regularly to services to have a baptism?

No – we like to welcome everybody.

Q How do I find out more?

For initial enquiries please do one of the following:

1) Visit one of our services and chat with us or fill in a welcome card. If you are having a child baptised the best service to visit would probably be our 9.15am service. When visiting there is no need to dress in any special and we are very friendly – so come and make yourself at home!

2)Pop into one of our ‘Clergy Surgery’ sessions on any Saturday morning (except 27 December) between 9.30-11am in Langley Hall, next to Holy Trinity Church.

3) Email Linda Edwards, Parish Office Administrator on


We look forward to hearing from you.

Please do contact us about any questions you may have at any stage.

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